Flipping for Flippish!

Are you Flipping for Flippish!?

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2 thoughts on “Flipping for Flippish!

  1. while this term may go over with multi-gens and multi-breds, it does not go over very well with many 1st gens. Here in metro NYC, I’ve had to tone down the use of this term so as not to offend them. The reason I’ve bought the label Flip hook line and sinker was I was tired of being called a chink or jap growing up back in the 50s and 60s. When I enlisted in the AF back in 68 and was called a Flip for the 1st time whatever the meaning, I wore the term proudly being ID’d as a Filipino instead of some other Asian nationality …

    • Joey, it may have had a negative connotation a long time ago, however so far since the book came out, 2 people has commented on the negative connotation on the word Flip. I’m so glad you were proud to be called a Flip. I call myself a Flip too. My kids are mestizo Filipino and Irish that is how I coined the term Flippish.

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